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Introduction to Privilege and Anti-Racist practiCe

In this workshop participants will explore their relationship to power, privilege and learn about how racism functions in the UK. You will leave equipped with strategies to support people of colour experiencing racism and ways to work with white people to dismantle racism in your community.

The workshop is experiential, comprised of a variety of group exercises, discussion circles and active listening to explore this material with a compassionate and sensitive approach. We acknowledge that racism and other forms of oppression are often internalised in the body and link to strong emotions such as anger, guilt and shame. We provide a safe space to explore these emotions if they arise.

Key questions we will explore:

-What privileged positions do we hold and how can we utilise our power to address injustice?

-How can we support people that face oppression we have not experienced?


Understanding whiteness for social change

In this workshop participants will be introduced to core ideas that have emerged from critical Whiteness studies. Whiteness is a socially constructed racial category that has been used to create a racial hierarchy and legacies of systemic racism. We will explore the historical origins of Whiteness and its contemporary effects in the UK. 

Discussion, experiential exercises and active listening will be used to explore White privilege, fragility, silence and the White gaze. 

Key questions we will explore:

-What is the relationship between Whiteness and White supremacy culture?

-How can an understanding of Whiteness be used to support anti-racism work?


Emotional RESILIENCE & healing from internalised racism

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a peer counselling framework as a means to support emotional well being and heal from internalised racism. 

The workshop is comprised of experiential exercises, sharing circles, peer counselling theory and practise to openly share and confront the indoctrination we have received growing up in an oppressive society. 

If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and develop tools for mutual support, we will be able to understand the work that needs to be done on ourselves and our communities.

Key questions we will explore:

- Why does my healing support anti-racist practise and collective liberation for all?

- How can we prioritise emotional well being as a means to live healthy and full lives?

This workshop has been designed for people of colour.