Leah clarkson, Balham labour party

"As co-facilitators, Camille and Katie provided an insightful, thought provoking and challenging workshop on white privilege. This is naturally a highly sensitive topic and area of work, but with Camille and Katie’s careful and expert guidance in creating a safe and welcoming space, we were able to explore this theme and confront some of our own value and question our own privileges. We were introduced to new concepts and new terminology, which were always fully explained; this ensured that the session was not only thought-provoking but also educational. We are now looking forward to continuing our journey of challenging white privilege and taking further steps to commit to becoming white allies and tackling racial prejudices in our community."


Lyndsay Burtonshaw, Coordinator of Make Change Happen

"Camille Barton co-designed and facilitated a White Allyship workshop for the October 2016 edition of the Make Change Happen activist training program at The University of Sussex. Camille is a highly skilled facilitator, diligent, comprehensive, uncompromising on quality, and meticulously prepared, and deemed a "role model facilitator" in participant feedback. By making an enormous range of intellectual ideas and radical academic content accessible, Camille holds space for a multitude of voices to be acknowledged and heard, creating spaces where participants have "felt uncomfortable – but I think it was done in a good, safe way, and one that has opened my eyes rather than allowed me to sit and feel good about how much I already do", and "Feeling safe and exposed at the same time". The range of resources and activities Camille facilitates reaches all learning styles, a facilitation style which is "very interactive and informative and relevant for everyday life." I am excited to be inviting Camille back for Make Change Happen February 2017 edition and look forward to building on work with her in the future."


Marta Owczarek, Wolf Whistled

"The Introduction to White Allyship, Power and Privilege workshop led by Camille at the Wolf Whistled Day of Doing #7 in January 2017 was a really important experience and we were very pleased to be able to host the session. It was a unique opportunity to confront white privilege and its consequences. What made the session very impactful, and different to a lot of discussions around this subject, was its focus on emotions and processing them. It helped the group go beyond the intellectual, rational political arguments and work on some of the deeper issues that are often obstacles to meaningful work on anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy. Wolf Whistled would recommend this session to everyone."


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