Camille Barton

Founding Director

The Collective Liberation Project was founded by Camille Barton, a social justice researcher and artist. Camille has always been passionate about politics and social change. She completed a BA in International Relations from The University of Sussex before moving to The San Francisco Bay Area for two years where she worked as a youth worker and dancer. 

While living in the USA, Camille trained in Restorative Justice, Non-Violent Communication and peer counselling. She was inspired by the way that these tools and her art practise, provided her with emotional well being and capacity to to effectively understand and transform oppressive behaviour in herself and her community.

In 2016, Camille moved back to The UK and began to run workshops on White Allyship. Soon after, she established The Collective Liberation Project as a means to share these tools and empower people to make change in their communities. 



Katie Finnegan-Clarke 


Katie is a dedicated campaigner, trainer and communications specialist. Since graduating, she has established and coordinated countless campaigns and worked for social change organisations including 38 Degrees, Bristol Pound CIC, Hollaback! and STIR to Action.

Since being 'called-out' a few years ago, Katie has been on a challenging and deep journey towards becoming aware of and transforming oppressive behaviours in herself. She has created on and offline spaces for white people to self-educate on white supremacy in order to unpick racist behaviour and stop white silence. 

In her spare time, Katie will normally be found working on a campaign to decolonalise Bristol, fly posting and drinking tea to Riot Grrrl music.